Importance Of Choosing Sunglasses& Tips Of Protection

 Every driver wants a sunglasses which is best for him and here I will show you how to get a satisfied sunglasses.

At first i want to show you the matrials of the sunglasses.The Ultra light aluminum magnesium material could make a perfect texture. The Ergonomic design brings the best wearing comfort. Then you should equipped with patented anti glare, UV, glare of the lens.That will be the first choice of driving travel or outdoor activities . In today’s fashion era,the style has to be broken the tradition.Therefor the sport characteristics of aluminum magnesium sunglasses,with polarized light, anti glare, anti glare and other functions will be the most popular style of the sunglasses. Simpleness creates a classic, classic makes fasion, it has no complicated design but it will stand the test of time at most!         importance of sunglassesI have finished the importance of the materials of the sunglasses and now lets talk  about the specials of the driving sunglasses. As a qualified sunglasse,it must have the following 3 Characteristic.

1、It should be used under all the sunny day, rainy night or haze days.

2、It should make driving in dusk and maitain visual clear in changeable  environment,driving safely.

3、It could use adjustable optical lens which is safe and unbeakable.This kind of sunglasses will be much better then the normals in prevetion of glare,clarity,anti-fatigue properties and some other situations.

At last I will show you some tips when you wear the sunglasses.

cleaning of glasses

1、Please use both of your hands to pick and place.When you place it the len convex must be upward and place in the hard glass box to save.If the sunglass is not used for a while.

2、You should immediately adjust or repair to avoid discomfort due to the deformation of frames if there is an elastic discomfrot or screw loosening when you wear the sunglasses.

3、Please promptly wiped the grease and sweat acid on the nose pads and the frame after using.This will prolong the lifespan of the glasses.

4、The lens should be avoided to contact the high temperature and touch the prganic solvents(Bing Tong, ether and perfume, etc.),so as to prevent the damage to the lens.

5、Cleaning sunglasses on time.Do not use tissue or cloth to wipe the mirror directly.

6、Rinse with water,washing detergent or neutral soap to clean.Dry the sunglasses naturally or wipe the water away using soft tissue or cloth gently.Take care not to rub glasses directly when you wipe the water and also avoid using sharps to scratch.

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