The Circular Lens And Titanium Frame Of Modern Sunglasses For UK Women With Best Sales

Today I want to tell you some basic knowledge of spectacle lenses.We can also call them glasses or sunglasses for UK women.The first important thing I want you to know is the material of the sunglasses.Different lens materials have different optical properties.


The lens of the sunglasses with best sales according to the classification of materials are mainly: dispersion and high refractive rate material laws of physics tell us, the higher rate of the index of refraction of the material, the greater the degree of dispersion, from the periphery of the lens to look at the past, see the objects around a circle of multicolored profile and dispersion phenomenon exists in all lenses in high refractive index materials is more obvious.


Glass and crystal lenses although the cheap sunglasses and crystal films than other heavy, but it is the most difficult to wear material, through heating or chemical treatment, will improve the ability to resist impact. Its refractive index is stable and its optical properties are lasting, but it is easy to break.

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