The Difference Between Memory Alloy And TR-90 Of Sunglasses For UK Women With Best Sales

Today I would like to show you two different materials of frame of sunglasses for UK women.One is called”Memory Alloy” and the other one is “TR-90”.Both of them have good quality but when you go to buy sunglasses you should get the best one for you.

sunglasses for women1
Memory alloy is usually recommended because its characteristics are very obvious.ItĀ is easy to demonstrate. Memory alloy component has a lot of kinds, such as nickel titanium alloy, gold cadmium alloy, copper zinc alloy, good quality is the nickel titanium alloy, the price is more expensive, but also has characteristics of titanium alloy high strength and corrosion resistance, but the nickel is a easily lead to allergies to metal, if you choose the brand of small electroplating quality doesn’t pass of sunglasses with best sales, easy to take off plating caused by allergies. While the price of other memory alloy are cheaper, take time to prevent the store ready as nickel titanium alloy.

sunglasses for women2
Tr-90, also known as plastic titanium, it is actually not the titanium alloy, but isĀ chemical company invented a macro molecular nylon material of cheap sunglasses, its density is only 1.14-1.15 grams / cubic centimeter, one fourth of pure titanium, stainless steel 1 / 8, in the high concentration of salt water can floats, abrasion resistance, impact resistance to high temperature, good toughness can also greatly bent auto reply, no toxicity and in Europe is a food grade material, is currently used most widely used a frame material. But tr-90 material of the frame strength than the titanium alloy is lower, so the ratio of the alloy with large, resulting in the overall quality and titanium alloy almost.

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